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Has the colour of your concrete lost its luster? Are abrasions or worn away areas of the pool coating visible in some places?

It's important to see to the maintenance of your pool with epoxy-based paint application before salt or chlorinated water do more damage to the concrete.

Peinture Pro Static covers maintenance using epoxy-based paint for residential, commercial and institutional concrete pools.




Whether you have a residential, commercial or institutional pool, Peinture Pro Static provides the same, high level standard of quality work. We use commercial grade materials for all projects.

Work in three stages

Nettoyage de piscine

Remove foreign particles from the surface of the concrete coating using acids.

Sablage de piscine

Sandblast damaged areas to enhance product adherence.

Peinture de piscine

Complete the process by applying epoxy to concrete.

We recommend painting commercial or institutional concrete pools every 5 years. Maintenance for residential pools can be extended to every 10 years.