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When a painter creates art with colour

With on-site or in workshop service, Peinture Pro Static is there for you for your residential, commercial or industrial projects. Be proactive, choose Peinture Pro Static!

Residential painting

Peinture Pro Static will rejuvenate the exterior of your home with a touch of more up-to-date paint. The sun will have faded the original coat over time.

Painting is the perfect compromise to replacing materials. It’s faster and it’s an inexpensive way to renovate.

We will improve the appearance of your house with a refreshing, up-to-date look

that will increase the value at a fraction the cost of replacing the siding.

A logical and economical choice.

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Peinture Pro Static restores the facades of commercial and industrial buildings with a whole new look. We can paint on most types of material. With a small budget, the option to refurbish with a colour rejuvenator instead of replacing material allows you to improve the look of your business at a fraction of the cost.

Replacing materials is very expensive and time consuming and involves a slowdown in your operations. The option to refurbish with the best quality paint on the market will save you time and money.

Peinture Pro Static also deals with commercial and industrial furnishings on location. We have extensive experience in food industry equipment and office furniture. We can adjust our schedule to your convenience and do the work outside peak hours.

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Thanks to its state-of-the art paint workshop, Peinture Pro Static also works on office furniture, commercial shelving and commercial and residential furnishings.

Our specialized team can repaint your furniture in no time with a perfect finish that imparts a whole new look.

Our paint workshop is large enough to accommodate structures of various dimensions.

Refurbishing property is in keeping with the idea of reducing consumption and waste as promoted by Recyc-Québec.

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Painting siding materials

In new construction, builders use many different kinds of materials. Whatever the sector, residential, commercial or industrial, these materials lose their shine and will tarnish over time. This deterioration occurs naturally with normal exposure to the sun. With paint, it is possible to give them a new look while keeping a factory finish quality.

Some of the materials that we can paint:

• aluminum;
• steel;
• vinyl;
• PVC;
• stucco;
• aggregate;
• brick;
• Engineered siding (CanExel);
• fiber cement;
• and much more.

Paint for cladding, structures and parts

Houses and industrial and commercial buildings have a great number of units that can be painted. Peinture Pro Static can refurbish any sized exterior or interior unit by painting it. We’re able to take on any type of work. Our professional workshop also allows us to work on units while protected from the weather.

Some examples of units we can paint:

• front doors;
• garage doors;
• soffits, fascias and gutters;
• exterior and interior cladding;
• windows;
• columns;
• awnings;
• roofs (steel or aluminum);
• publicity billboards;
• washroom partitions;
• check-out counters;
• refrigerated counters;

• cold rooms;
• commercial fridges;
• ceilings;
• vaults;
• elevator doors and frames;
• lamp posts;
• interior and exterior stairs;
• filing cabinets;
• desks / shelving / cabinets;
• lockers;
• laboratory furnishings;
• medical and dental offices;
• and much more.

Stages of preparation

Preparation stagesPreparing surfaces for painting is the first important step to success. Even with the best paint on the market, we can’t offer perfection without proper preparation.
At Peinture Pro Static, we offer unparalleled quality and service on everything.
The major stages of preparation:

Remove existing caulking: If a unit has caulking, we must remove it first before painting.
Precise masking of the unit to be painted: Masking is precision work. Installing protective paper in the right places is very important to ensure direct application of paint on the unit being painted.
Surface or in-depth sanding: Sanding is very important because it greatly improves adhesion of the new paint. Some materials, brick for example, require pressure washing instead of sanding.
Cleaning with a solvent: Cleaning is paramount for removing all the dust and grease and for some materials this stage is essential .
Applying the paint: The painter applies the paint in a uniform way to prevent drips and contrasts. Applying paint properly is an art that Peinture Pro Static painters have perfected.
Removing masking: Once the paint has been applied the masking material must be carefully removed.
Applying new caulking: If we had to remove old caulking, during this last stage, we will apply new caulking to match the paint. **This stage applies only to residential projects. For commercial and industrial projects, this service is complimentary. The caulking service is offered by our Calfeutrage pro solution division.

15 year warranty